Other stuff to consider?

When going through the disruption of a rewire in your home it’s a good idea to have a think before the work starts if there’s any think you would like changing, what I mean is if a socket is in the wrong place or you require more sockets then it is very cost effective to do at this point, the last thing you want is later down the line wanting it done then. It will more often than not cost you double or triple and you would have the disruption all again. (get it right once)

Another thing to consider, it can be easy and cost effective to add things to your Re-wire like Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Extra Telephone sockets, Television points and Multi-room (watch T.V/Sky in other rooms) The reason is the flooring is already up and doesn’t take much more time or effort to pull other cables in, So you can get an all in one Professional Installation at around half the price.