Is it cheaper if the house in not occupied?

Yes it would be more cost effective if you had a relative’s house to stay at for a few days just because by not temping things like the power back up or having to put back carpets every night will speed up the time which = Less labour = Less money

If it’s not possible to have that luxury, then don’t panic we are proud of how neat and tidy we are: we do things like:

  • Wear over shoes to protect your carpets
  • Use sticky dust sheets to protect your home
  • Cover you appliances with dust sheets before chopping out walls

I’m not going to be unrealistic about the extent of a rewire, it can be a disruption in your life but I will say this, everyone who has used Online Electric Services for a re-wire fills out a form after and says what they thought of the experience, and no one has ever gave us less than 5 out of 5 for all sections.